IE11 importunate reload app (then logout) when going through links

“the code on this page disabled back and forward caching”

this is a message i get in IE11 console

the issue is when i navigate through my menu links, im logged out after the second link

(i dont have the issue in firefox / chrome / safari)

anyone experienced with this ?

Is it just a message or are you having a functional issue or error?

it is just a message (warning) with the label “DOM7011” and a reference to

and there is no other issue

im even not sure this IE11 logout issue is related to that message

but in firefox/chrome/safari i have no such warning in console, and there is no reload of the app and logout issue

Then I wouldn’t worry about it. Back and Forward will be handled by the router in js instead of loading a new page, so the browser cache is meaningless anyway (which is exactly why ie11 is telling you it can’t do it)

i worry because going through a link reload the app and log me out, which is an issue, i need to navigate without giving password every (two) time i go through a link

@fg1, my apologies to be so direct, but you asking a question without any context is not going to lead to any helpful responses. It makes anyone trying to help feel very frustrated having to extract answers on e by one to try to guess what the problem may be…

Obviously, something is not right with the code, so you will need to provide as much info as possible… things like, but not limited to:

  • What frontend framework are you using? (blaze?, react?, vue?) + any CSS / component library?
  • Since this appears to have some relation with route handling, what router package are you using?
  • Since it appears to have something to do with maintaining sessions (getting logged out), how are you authenticating?

Things like the above will male people that are familiar with the technologies you use to look into you problem.
Not providing that to start with, causes people to ignore your question since the barrier to help will be hard and no one likes to having pull info out of you as if you were at the dentist…

Then, and most importantly, show us the relevant code! All relevant code, please, not only the routing bit, or just the html bit, or just the javascript snippet.


sorry for the lack of details, but as the issue is very specific : it happen only on IE11 when going through links, i just thought someone could have encounter the same case

the login is and i use only blaze, but the root of issue seems to be the reloading of the app and i also think it could be related to tracker.autorun, as it do not happen on pages that dont have it and the microsoft reference say “webpages must meet these conditions: … page doesn’t contain any of the following: … Running web workers …”

as the issue only happen with IE11 (even Edge works good) i cannot take much time to fix it, but if i can later i will make a mini project for reproduce demonstration

as adding clue :

i’ve tested without tracker.autorun and that do not fix,
so it’s not this “running” javascript that cause the IE11 misbehavior

the links that do not reload app (and logout) are those directly in the page,
the links that have the issue are those who come from components (blaze templates)

btw i wonder if there is a successor of meteorpad now ?

so here it is how to reproduce :

create the demo project

meteor create --full minitest --release=
cd minitest/
meteor run --verbose --port 3100

add the package

meteor add remcoder:chronos

modify imports/ui/pages/home/home.html in App_home template by adding

<br><br><a href="./?fakeParam=123">test good link</a><br><br>

modify imports/ui/components/hello/hello.html in hello template by adding

<br><br><a href="./?testTimer={{showTestTimer}}">test bad link</a><br><br>

modify imports/ui/components/hello/hello.js in root beginning by adding

export const testTimer = new Chronos.Timer(5*1000);

modify imports/ui/components/hello/hello.js in function helloOnCreated() by adding

  Tracker.autorun( async function (computation) {
	  var testTimerUpdate = testTimer.time.get();
	  console.log("testTimerUpdate = "+testTimerUpdate);

(as you can see the Tracker.autorun is even commented but the IE11 misbehavior will still happen)

modify imports/ui/components/hello/hello.js in Template.hello.helpers by adding

    return testTimer.time.get();

open http://localhost:3100/ in IE11 and see how “test bad link” do reload the app

i also tried to remove the chronos package and replace by my own timer based on setInterval, but that do not fix

… are you using a router package?

no other than the default one (flowrouter), see the reproduction mini project above, it is only based on meteor create --full

…so, use the flowrouter API instead of anchor tags.

i dont use anchor “#” , but i use “?” for the querystring , is there another way to make the links with params ?

By not using anchor tags I mean not using the <a> tag directly for navigation. Please read the FlowRouter docs ( on how to define routes and the available API on how to go to a route, use params and query params, etc. There are many examples there.

thanks for that clue

here is a fix :

<a href="./?testTimer={{showTestTimer}}" onclick="FlowRouter.go('/?testTimer={{showTestTimer}}'); return false;">test fixed link</a>