If one wanted to learn Meteor in 2017 - what books would you recommend?

It’s been about a year since I’ve worked with Meteor. I’ve been working with ES6 and React for about a year now and feel much more comfortable with the whole ecosystem.

Now that Meteor supports ES6 and NPM packages out of the box it’s much more liberating. I’ll be using Meteor for the database and build. I can use some of the NPM packages for background tasks. Really anything in NPM - this is crazy awesome!

React and React Router for the front end.

There’s a problem though, all of the information I find online is super outdated. Where can I learn about Meteor for 2017?

That is a downside of not only Meteor, but many other Javascript frameworks, because everything in this world moves so fast that when someone starts to write a book many things change a lot before he finishes writing it ;).

I am a fan of learning by example, and there are few good example projects for Meteor that are kept up to date, which you can create using meteor create --example <name> command. You can see the list of them here.

Also, the Meteor Guide is an excellent resource, but I guess you already know about it.

I second @M4v3R, I also found the Meteor Guide to be an excellent resource.

Meteor Chef + LevelUpTuts + Meteor Guide for meteor-specific stuff. Check out meteor chef’s base for a good file structure. Overall nothing overt has changed in the developer experience between 1.2 and now other than imports/exports. Its more a matter of learning react and es6 then it is learning new meteor stuff.


You can still even use the Discover Meteor book, and then learn how to move from IronRouter to another router, then decide if you would like to learn React or stick with a form of Blaze (Blaze + ViewModel is very nice to use as well). And you can look at what new features were added from Meteor 1.3 onward in order to see what is not covered by the book.

For would be Googler’s this is a terrible suggestion. Why would a new Meteor dev want to learn how to use IronRouter? :scream:

That’s just what the book covers. Everything else in the book still works (IR even works still, just would not realistically ever be used). Plus, migrating from IR to another router is super easy (and really serves as an example of why IR should not be used).

Aside from Discover Meteor, there’s not really any thorough books out there to teach the in’s and out’s of Meteor. Sure, he can watch miscellaneous videos, but those are more on specific subjects, and won’t as easily teach him how to go from his first project to a fully featured project.

If you honestly go to LevelUpTuts or Meteor Chef, and think as if your perspective is knowing absolutely nothing about Meteor, it looks extremely overwhelming and is hard to even figure out where to begin. Meteor Guide is same issue, and even the Meteor Tutorial post-1.3 is focused more on best practice, rather than teaching first time users. (Our new employees were lost when attempting the 1.3 tutorial when it was first released last year).

That’s where an actual book comes in handy.

(Also, the topic here specifically states a “book” - in this department we don’t have many options to choose from! Discover Meteor is the only legit book out there… Even after all this time)

I’m not aware of a book that would push your buttons other than Ken Rogers forthcoming one mentioned a few weeks ago

Can’t find it in search… perhaps he’s pivoted to video now