Iframe/embed a calendar in iOS using Meteor

Hello I am developing an app that requires embedding a calendar into the the mobile build. I tried iframe HTML tag but it did not work on iOS. It works on Android.

Is there any other hacks to fix this?

Anyone ? Please help. :slight_smile:

Have you whitelisted the domain? Try putting a App.accessRule('<URL>', { type: 'navigation' }); in your mobile-config.js.

I basically do not have a domain. I create an app on localhost:3000 and then run into the mobile.

I do not plan to make a website.

I want google calendar embed to work on iOS.

I meant the Google Calendar domain. That will have to be whitelisted in order for the embed to work.

I tried that too. Did not work.

EDIT: It works. I tried: calender.google.com before it was only google.com

full code: App.accessRule(‘calendar.google.com’, { type: ‘navigation’ });

Thank You!

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