Iinvoking {{> loginButtons }} functionality from backend

Hi, I need help with this issue,

My application interacts with user through Direct Message in twitter. I have have to then perform some twitter operations on behalf of my twitter user for that I need user to authenticate my application which can be achieved by adding


but I don’t have front-end like

{{> loginButtons}}

since my interaction happens through Direct Messages, to achieve this I have to forcefully re-direct user to twitter authentication page in pop-up (based on some input of-course) how do I invoke this functionality in back-end

Question is also put up on StackOverflow

@aaronstone, not sure I understand.

The login via oAuth is triggered in the frontend by the user, they have to enter their login credentials, the authentication server then calls back your server, then you send down to Meteor app that they are logged in.

Yeah, I need oAuth, accounts-twitter seems to do it in a jiffy, I can open pop-up browser for rest of the process(exactly what I need to do).