I'm a little bit confused by Meteor development

Okay so all I want to do is build a pretty simple web app and I have been bounced all over the internet trying to find a good foundation to work on and I always end up back here recently.

I am a complete noob and I’ve been using Discover Meteor to learn how to build an application using Meteor.

I am primarily a front end dev and I seem to be getting a little confused with the whole development process in Meteor. I feel as if there are no solid rules you should follow and it seems as if everyone in the community just has opinions on what Router we should be using etc.

Is there a solid guide to use whilst developing with Meteor? For example I’m confused about Blaze at the moment because people have been discussing React as an alternative and confused about what router I should be using? As a noob I’m very confused because all tutorials seem outdated. I kind of feel as if this platform once understood what were the correct practices and now it doesn’t across the community.

So is there an up to date guide with what router and whether or not I should be using blaze? It seems like everything Discover Meteor recommends this community doesn’t haha.

Thanks, Nick

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If you just want to build a simple web app then go ahead with the stuff you learned on Discover meteor.
For simple things or medium things meteor is perfect.

Most people have just complains at a very high level. Meteor is great for beginners. Their are tons of material
to dig in and learn stuff. 1000 of good packages available at https://atmospherejs.com/
You find a of tutorials and hints around.

MDG is currently working at guide to meteor:

A good video tutorial is here:


Web development changes very very fast. Sometimes is good to focus on the problem YOU want to solve and not only to figure out what is the best tool or framework.

Just use meteor with blaze and you are fine. Which router you choose depends more or less and what packages you want to use. If your key packages uses iron:router use that. If you have the freedom to decide: use flow router.

You will learn a lot while using the current meteor approach (3 different ways):

Don’t follow every discussion in the community if you want to build something now.
Its good to have these discussion for the future of meteor, but you are right they are very confusing for beginners.


what @doedel said is spot on. Don’t worry about the noise of blaze vs React or this router vs that router. You will get further confused.

Important part is, get your app done. And for a beginner the easiest way will be to follow discover meteor. Finish it. Then you will easily be able to follow anything else.

For a beginner nothing comes near the ease of use of Blaze. And don’t worry about Routing either. Follow the Discover Meteor & Maybe https://mastering.meteorjs.club/toc

You can also check out a free online book http://meteortips.com/first-meteor-tutorial/

It’s a good intermediate step between the meteor.com tutorials mentioned above and the Discover Meteor book.

It should be noted that the MDG guide mentioned above is “for someone who has messed around with Meteor for a few days and wants to learn how to do things ‘right’.” It sounds like you might fall into this category since you have been playing around with Discover Meteor but just wanted to make that clear.

But I think the most important best practice for beginners to follow is app structure as mentioned in the docs. That initial 3 files created by meteor create are deceptive in their simplicity. Instead look at the examples by running meteor create --list.

As @kaiyes and @doedel said, and it cannot be emphasized enough, just pick a guide and stick with it for now. Once you have the MVP (minimum viable product) up and running, then go back and change things around.

Lastly, since you’re primarily a front end dev, I think you should take some time to look into building a good database architecture, which isn’t something you’ll find in any of the Meteor guides.

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