I'm blogging about my experience learning Meteor

I’m completely new to Meteor.
I started learning Meteor because it looked like a really cool technology, that was relevant to build an app that I’d like to build.
As a newcomer, I figured it could be valuable for the community to receive feedback on the “on-boarding experience from the eyes of a newcomer going through it”, so I’m blogging about my experience learning Meteor and building my project as I go along.
So if anyone’s interested in following along, here is the intro post. I haven’t got far yet - just went through installation yesterday (but already have some feedback there :grinning:).

Cheers :sunglasses:

  • Itamar.


Nicely done :smile: - easy to read and follow, good bite size blogs (so far, anyway :wink:). I wish I’d done something like this when I started! Looking forward to what comes next.

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thanks a lot! :smile:

I also have this page, that will always hold an up-to-date index of posts related to this journey (which I would have included in the original post, but apparently as a new user I am limited to 2 links per post…).

This looks great! Quite a bit of detail here. Hope it keeps going well for you - looking forward to more installments. :slight_smile:

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Hi,I am new to Meteor ,too ! I’m reading your blog , I like it !

Level Up tutorials at Youtube are very good resource to start learning Meteor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgjyr6BPAtA&list=PLLnpHn493BHECNl9I8gwos-hEfFrer7TV