I'm done working alone! Looking for partners :)

Hi guys,

My name is Federico Rodes (in), I’ve been doing web development since May 2014, and started with Meteor in January 2015. I’ve been working alone most of the time on personal and paid projects. I’m currently looking for Meteor developers to partner-up and -hopefully- be able to start something together; ideally setup a small company to build MVPs for start-ups and in-house projects.

My interests: Meteor, Node, React, Bots, IoT, React-Native, Progressive Web Apps, GraphQL, AI…

My current stack: Meteor, React, ES6, Redux, React-Router. (In my spear time I’m playing with Create-React-App + Apollo + Express)

What I don’t like: spending too much time with CSS; I prefer apps with a simple user interface but complex back-end.

I’m looking for people with similar coding experience, easy-going and willing to learn new stuff.

In case all that sounds good to you, please get in touch :slight_smile:



I’m always down to get in touch with hardcore programmers. I’m a workaholic.

www.StarCommanderOnline.com is my current project. “The Meteor MMO”.

I’m looking for more developers to do backend stuff :slight_smile:

Hey @SkyRooms , nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Concerning Start Commander, the truth is I also have my personal project (fulbacho.net) and work on it when I have some spear time. So, I’m afraid, I won’t be able to help you with that (at least at the moment, keep reading). However, if you are interesting in teaming-up, we can try to find a bunch of other people, we can then all present our personal projects and then all together decide which one is the one that we all like the most and/or has more potential. After that, we can start working on that project and start to know each other. In case everything goes well, we can then start working on paid projects and try to build something more serious, like small company or something like that. I’m personally a bit tired of working alone and that’s why I’d like to get in touch with people with my same interests and try to learn form each other.

If that sounds good to you we can see if we can find other folks and see what happens :slight_smile:

What stack do you use? Do you have any github repo to share?

Keep in touch :slight_smile:

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Sounds good!
I’m using Blaze+ViewModel at the moment, but would like to switch to Vue.
I’m a back-end guy, but loving front-end more and more.
I’ll try fulbacho with friends, looks great!

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Hey @tomyo, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Glad you like fulbacho!

Concerning the front-end, I work with React but sure we can try to do something together on the back-end. In one day or two I’ll get in contact with all the guys that replied to this post and then see if we can do something together. Keep you update :slight_smile:


Interesting and interested, but… Which? :slight_smile:

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I’ve setup a discord channel so that we can continue/start our conversation there: https://discord.gg/BK3nmTm

Everybody is welcome to join!

@pal @SkyRooms @tomyo @jorgeer @avalanche1 @fermuch @alawi @julio12345 @a.com @copleykj


Great initiative.

Joined. See you there.

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