I'm having a very difficult time implementing a new theme I purchased with my Meteor app


  • I purchased a very beautiful theme for my Meteor app. When I moved the appropriate files to my Meteor app (CSS in my client’s lib folder) and ran my application, the theme looks nothing like it should be looking. Looks like the CSS is completely not rendering correctly and looks like a theme from outer space.

Then there is the issue of not knowing where to put all the “plugin” JS files that come with the theme. There’s literally dozens of them and when I place them in my libs or imports folder, there is always some kind of error that won’t let my Meteor app work with the theme.

These problems are compounded with my React front end, where everything has to be changed to className and every tag has to be neatly closed, etc, etc.

So is there anyone that can give me tips on how to integrate a purchased theme with my Meteor app? Not sure why this theme looks nothing like it’s supposed to and I’m not quite sure where the “Plugins” are supposed to be in my Meteor app in order for it to work.

In terms of js plugins, you need to know what they are. Most of them you should be able to get from NPM and then integrate them that way.

There really is no simple way to do this as the theme is build for traditional html pages.

I feel your pain, and I had similar issues with a purchased themes and integrating it with Blaze in the past.

Previously it used to be easier since you can put everything that comes with the theme in the public folder and then keep the imports in the head of the main template and just change the relative paths.

However since 1.3 those JS references in the head folder no longer works so for the JS files you need to either get them from NPM, include the in the body (however execution order is not enforced it seems), add them the client lib folder or for those with global variables add them in the compatibility folder.

I think Blaze should have kept the includes in the head so html pages and those themes would work as expected.

so the script setup is like it is in regular HTML websites/templates? Putting it in the lib folder won’t make it accessible to the template? (i.e. have to import it)?

It will make accessible to the template but you need to make sure the load order and dependencies are correct…I had a lot of errors due to load order and dependencies some errors due to global jQuery variables…eventually they’re all worked but it’s hard to maintain, next time I’d rather go with something like Material design…or use NPN packages instead of the JS that comes with those themes…

How are you?

I have same problem that you. I bought a template that I cant run in meteor, this my link post: my_post

The diference is that sometimes my template works! everything is fine, but when I refresh the page is bad the 80%, the other 20% is fine. My question is: you have the same issue? sometimes good, sometime bad?