I'm trying to find a document in a collection based on time


How is this achievable in Meteor, using Collection2?

users = db.users.find({’_id’> last_id}). limit(10);


By default the aldeed uses some other ID, can I still do this with the meteor ID? This seems liek a newer feature, how would this be done with the current version of mongo for meteor1.1 please?

MongoDB Example:
users = db.users.find({’_id’> last_id}). limit(10);

Results in:
2015-11-17T13:05:10.669-0800 don’t know how to massage : boolean at src/mongo/shell/collection.js:1


Even if it worked on server side, minimongo cant parse _id as ObjectID and get time from it.

I suggest using that createdAt method of timestamping from the end of collection2 readme.


Hey thanks for the heads up