Image always not found and auto-routing from nowhere

I’m new into Meteor, and I’m already needing help.
Well, When I have created a folder into the client folder to stock images. Unfortunately, it returns always a “not found image”

there is my structure :
- client

and there is my code : < img src=“image/1.jpg” />

(this don’t work too < img src="/image/1.jpg" />)

And all URL gives me the main page (main.html) not matter what I write in the URL bar so I never have a 404 error and cannot access to my images.
(it make the same in every project I do, I’m working with webstorm)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Static assets belong in the /public folder.

Reference: Meteor Guide::Special directories

Ok, I hate myself, the answer was on every website and every time I was assuming /public and /client was the same…

Thank you very much, you made my evening :smiley:

The most troubling problems can often end up being something so simple. Glad I could help :slight_smile: