Image content type

I am new to meteor and am running on Windows 8.1. Meteor works just fine but I can’t figure out why I can’t get an image to display. I’ve created a public folder under my app root folder and placed an image in it. In chromes dev tools network tab it returns a 200 but the content type it’s returning is text/html and I get a broken image? Can’t seem to find any info on how to resolve this.

I too had this sort of problem, I was leaving out the first forward slash which makes the image path absoloute rather than relative.

Could you provide me with your image path e.g.:


And the src attribute of your image tag:

<img src="/images/one.jpg">

My path is public/img/ncclogo_xsm.png


img src="/img/ncclogo_xms.png"

Thing is though in devtools network it finds the file shows a 200 ok status but the content type is text/html.

And what does the response tab show?

If something is coming back at text/html you should be able to read that in the response tab.

Wow - played with this for an hour and never spotted the typo until now. ncclogo_xms should have been ncclogo_xsm. My bad.

Sure, so whenever you request an image that doesnt exist you’ll get weird stuff back. Often the entire app hence text/html.

Thanks for the help. I was curious so I created my error again and in this case the response tab shows nothing.