Image paths and bandwidth

I’ve got an image that’s with my Meteor app located in /public/images/. Is there a difference when it comes to bandwidth usage with how you use the URI to point to the image? Example:

 <img src="/images/image01.jpg" />
 - vs -
 <img src="" />

no difference at all with regard to bandwidth usage.
the same image is loaded either way.

I think the first method should be preferred, because it will mean if you ever change domains, or even just enable HTTPS you wont need to update all your templates.

Ah ok. somehow I was under the impression that images packaged with meteor during deployment are downloaded by the client along with the CSS and JS files.

As far as I am aware this doesn’t include content in the public directory… however, even if it did - the two methods you’ve used to link that content wouldn’t change how the application is packaged.