Image upload problem IOS meteor 1.3 using collection fs


I am not able to upload image in IOS using collectionFs.

I upgrade my meteor project to 1.3 and still i am not able to upload image in IOS device. can anyone help me to solve this problem?


Would be interested in this topic (collection fs and 1.3) as well.

Have you got any error message? Or can you explain which component fails? F.g. Does the http upload not work?

This is a known issue, for which I’ve submitted a pull request that also got merged:

The author will have to release a new version of the package, but you could install it as a local package in the meantime.

Hello @martijnwalraven

Thanks for your great help :slight_smile: :smiley: :blush:

Hello @martijnwalraven

I have update this meteor version and now image upload is completely working fine but i am not able to scroll my long page in IOS(Scroll working in Android). Please help to out from this problem. I am facing this kind of issues in my meteor app please help me ASAP. Because i need to deliver my app today your help make my day.

Thanks in advance