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I’m new and a little lost why I get Http Errors…


line 101 of httpCall

xhr.responseType = options.responseType;

responseType is not a property of options, - this throws an error.


Do you have some code online where we can review?


Also, consider using yogiben:autoform-file.


The provided value ‘undefined’ is not a valid enum value of interface XMLHttpRequestResponseType. line number 101 of http-call-client.js

var convertToBinary;
if (options.responseType === "ejson-binary") {
  xhr.responseType = "arraybuffer";
  convertToBinary = true;
} else {
  xhr.responseType = options.responseType;

options has no property responseType but it has instead:

content: Uint8Array[1778367]
headers: Object
params: Object

I’m just using the meteor starter admin, and getting blocked with little to go on and I’m new at this.


Seems to be an issue with: cfs:upload-http line number 101.


Here’s the issue here:


Stuck on this one for hours and hours. how annoying for a beginner as well


Thanks for following up on this issue @reduxdj :smiley: