Images Don't Appear in Browser

I have the following main.html code

  <h1>Welcome to Coursera!</h1>



<template name="images">
	{{#each images}}
		<img src="{{img_src}}" height="100" alt="{{img_alt}}" />

and the following main.js in the client folder

var img_data = [
			img_alt:"dental surgery"
			img_alt:"carribean night"
			img_alt:"full moon palm tree"

My problem is only image1.jpg apears in the browser window.

Please help.

I imagine you’re suppose to return img_data rather than pass it in as variable.

I done that -

		images:function() {
			return img_data;

Still doesn’t work.

Are you seeing three <img> blocks and just no image? Or are the tags not even appearing?

I’ve gotten most of images to appear but some still seem to be broken. Might be their file size?

It could be a connection issue, or perhaps you’re linking to external assets that are blocked from hotlinking?

You’ll want to do

img src="/images/{{img_src"}} />`

Now, in your project, make a folder called images, in side of public

So your STRUCTURE looks like C:\meteor\my_thingy\public\images\image3.jpg