Images not downloaded with ostrio:files

Hi everybody, he is the story :

I have an existing app (React-native expo sdk44 - meteor 2.2) using ostrio:files, it works perfectly locally and on staging/production.
On a new app, same versions, in dev mode, images are not downloaded neither in the mobile app, nor in a browser using the URL (http://xxxx:3000/cdn/storage/Images/JmWqEtygo6tkKbzTt/original/JmWqEtygo6tkKbzTt.jpg) , a small part of the image is loaded (148k/2M) and then it stops after the HTTP timeout (5000 by default)
Issue is opened here.
I use interceptDownload to track inside FilesCollection, it seems that it is not a timeout issue. there is something that prevents sending all the data before the timeout is triggered, serve is returning 200 …

Any idea ?

Are you using latest ostrio:files version with Meteor 2.2 ?
Have you tried to downgrade ostrio:files ?

Installed with ostrio:files@1.12.1 in .meteor/packages

ostrio:cookies  added, version 2.6.1
ostrio:files    added, version 1.14.3

Forcing in .meteor/versions


Images are back !

Thank you @davideonmeteor , I was not using the latest version but I checked better the exact version used and discovered the difference between the 2 apps. I’ll check this later with meteor 2.5.2 and latest ostrio:files 2.0.1.

In latest Meteor version and ostrio:files version I can confirm it works good :+1:


(off topic) From which version did you update ? How was the process ?

From Meteor 2.4.1 and ostrio:files 1.4.2, with simply update of Meteor

Hi! how did you manage to get the meteor ostrio:files plugin work with React Native in Expo. How are you installing it in the project? Thanks

Ive tried to get the ostrio:files package working a few times and it was totally briked - even from running the examples it was briked. I tried to get support and they didn’t help at all. Is it still garbage?

no, I’ve use a rest api on expo side to upload files

Dude this is what I needed to do thanks for the idea. The files package is totally fubar