Imagine if Meteor's own forum was made with Meteor

It would be the most excellent dog fooding example.

In fact, when I first signed up for Meteor forums years ago, I had never heard of Discourse, and my first thought was: “Wow, this is so nice! Is it made with Meteor?”. Then I found out it wasn’t, and I was sad.

I think it would be very very good for Meteor to have its Forums made with itself. Forums are such a great example that can be highly-realtime and interactive.

(This would be good not just for the project, but even for the business. I bet it would bring in a lot more developers, like Discourse has. It makes total sense! take this idea free of charge!)

The focus right now is on getting 3.0 and key packages updated, it’s a gigantic effort from the core meteor team and frankly impressive to see. Developers tend to aggrevate toward new shiny stuff but it’s only through many years of experience one come to appreciate what it takes to maintain and push a technology that is a foundation for many ongoing businesses and initiaves.

Those kind of side initiaves can be as open source bh whomever I suppose.

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Something like forums are a huge undertaking and a project by itself. There is a good reason why Discourse, PhpBB and others are their own projects. I have started working on forum packages, but only have the absolute basics down and there are other alternatives. If there is interest I can expand them to full blown project, but got that I would like to direct people to my GitHub Sponsors page.


I think the best dog fooding example would be a self hosted Rocket Chat instance instead of the community Slack.


Another thought is, if Meteor owners just go for it officially, start with RocketChat or alternative and/or a basic forums concept, put it in the domain (or link to it officially from, then devs may start to come contribute (either code or donations).

I think the path should be made official, to show intent, then people will follow. Having some unofficial free time projects may not be as encouraging (unfortunately, and realistically).


Meteor owners barely having time to maintain meteor let alone build a forum. There are many case studies of Meteor, not sure how this would be different. In my personal opinion, core team should be focused on maintaining core meteor and their business.