Implementation of a Transitioner Package

The package I’m trying to implement is this: meteor add ccorcos:transitioner

This is what I’ve done so far, I only want to add a default animation for all the transition nothing to fancy just to give the impression that something have changed:

html (loader.html)

{{#transitioner}} {{> yield}} {{/transitioner}}

JS (loader.js)


    in: 'transition.flipXIn',
    out: 'transition.fadeOut'


I could not understand the explanation of Atmosphere so I really hope you can help me out

You haven’t really said what the issue you are having is. I’ll assume it’s not working at all. Normally I would say for you to reproduce it on but that seems to be down right now.

What steps have you taken to debug your issue?
Can you provide a link to the github source code?
If the source code is closed can you make a repo that reproduces the issue and provide a link to it?

OK, seems like you don’t really need help.

I don’t have enough time for preparing the problem :sweat_smile: hope I can try this week. Thanks for your help btw