Implementing a Search bar in meteor react

I’m working on a group project to build an app that allows users to post different recipes and search, favorite, etc. other recipes they find on the app. I’m currently working on building the search page and I’m not really sure how to build it. We have all the recipes stored in a seperate file so it would have to pull from that file and display it on the new page. Would anyone be able to provide an example of how to build it?

Just something in my head:

  • you should store recipes in database, not the “seperate file”
  • I guess “reat” means “react”
  • You need to work with text input on the client to fire an event when you need
  • You need to understand how to call a meteor method from the client
  • you need to create a method to search recipes in your database
  • you need to render those search result in a react component

You need to create a text index for the recipes collection in your Mongo DB or you won’t be able to do a text search.

There are 2 fundamental requirements for a search bar in Meteor with React:

  1. Learn Meteor (and Mongo)
  2. Learn React

If these two are checked, everything else falls in place.