Implementing TiddlyWiki function in Meteor app


Hi, I’m a beginner to nodejs. I’m trying to implement a Wiki function in my Meteor app.
I found that is a very nice npm wiki module. Could I integrate it to my Meteor app and customize it ? Or is Tiddlywik a standalone NPM app and cannot be integrated to other app ?
Please helper me here, I would greatly appreciate.


TW5 is really cool, and I’d like it within my app too. I’m not sure what would be required to make it a meteor package, but it would not be easy I think because:

  1. TiddlyWiki5 does not use any Meteor-supported template engine (i.e. Blaze, React, Angular)
  2. Routes would clash.

A quick, temporary solution might be a Meteor view which has an iFrame for a TW5.


That s exactly what I am doing. For my app, each user have their own copy of a TW HTLM page. Then I get that file url and show to the user with iFrame.
TW is great and I would like to create a Meteor package for public use in the future.


Nice-- did you work out saving?
I was thinking it might be possible to save the html of the iFrame’d TW to a new file on the server before user leaves the containing view. However I’m not sure if user just closes their browser, is there still an event to hook onto and save the TW html before it is lost?


I opened an issue here.
According to Jermolene, I should use TiddlySpot saver and HTTP POST the entire wiki page to server. If you use TiddlySpost saver, the page will auto-save after you edit. I’m still working on it and it looks promising.


Will you rewrite the store.php script from the TiddlySpot saver for javascript backend?

I will only use the php server for now since I have one anyways and its easier for my use case (just a single wiki on a website).


yeah right now I’m digging into it. Hope I can figure it out :D. What I concerned are:

  • How can I get the username and password from the HTTP POST because I can’t find them in the parameters
  • If I use TiddySpot server, in case 2 users edit a same file and save to server, the file will update with changes from both user (as long as they don’t edit in the same tiddler). But I’m afraid with my custom server, 2 user edit a same file will result in data lost because whenever I got the new file from HTTP POST request, I replace the old file with it.
    Now I’m looking in the store.php and hope I can find solutions from it.