Import Javascript Files Into Meteor project


I bought a wrapbootstrap theme recently and wanted to convert into meteor project. I have a jquery module js file called “jquery.countTo.js” that I want to import into my meteor project. I am not sure how to do it.

these are the ways I tried:

1 - put it inside “compatibility” folder
2 - use jquery’s getScript to load the js file

Meteor.startup(function(){ $.getScript('../js/jquery.countTo.js', function(){}); });

3 - created a new package and in the package.js file I simply modify the line “api.mainModule()” to api.mainModule(‘jquery.countTo.js’); However, when I run the project, it crashes when it reads this package, from the error, I am assuming its because my package doesn’t know the file jquery.countTo.js depend on jquery. What more should I add to package.js to tell it that it needs to load jquery first.

none of these worked. I think the code might have loaded, but its functionality is not working,
its supposed to change the frontend number from 1 to a destionation number you want to display, by using html attributes “data-from” and "data-to"
For example, this is in HTML code:

<h2 class="timer mb5" data-from="1" data-to="15381" data-refresh-interval="20">1</h2>

Can someone who have experience incorporating theme into meteor project, Please advise how to deal with js files

Thank you very much!


The best option is to use ES2015 modules.

Meteor does not support modules natively yet, but there are packages that bring this support.

For example, universe:modules.

With modules you can import and export some variables/functions/classes/etc:

// module1.import.js
import alertSomething from ‘./module2’

Meteor.startup(() => {

// module2.import.js
export default function alertSomething() {


Meteor does support modules (from v1.3).


Maybe try to import like this bootstrap.min.css file in this github link:


This approach should work, as long as you’ve put it inside a /client/compatibility folder. Here’s a quick working example:

  1. meteor create count-to-test

  2. Copy jquery.countTo.js to /client/compatibility/jquery.countTo.js

  3. Change /client/main.html to:

  <span class="timer" data-from="25" data-to="75"></span>
  1. Change /client/main.js to:
import { Template } from 'meteor/templating';
import { $ } from 'meteor/jquery';

import './main.html';

Template.body.onRendered(function onRendered() {

Run the app and it will increment properly.