Import jstree from npm package



Does anyone know how I import the jstree npm package in blaze?

import jstree from 'jstree' does not work…
jstree is loaded in the jquery obejct
I am guessing there is a duplicate issue because jquery is loaded seperatly?

Note: Was able to resolve this by hacking jsTree package and pointing it towards meteor/jquery


seems like it is realted to this issue


Hey can you guide us how you did it specifically. As we are facing also same problem with jstree. We are using jstree library locally.


change line 9 to
module.exports = factory(require('meteor/jquery'));

now you are pointing jstree towards your meteor jquery instead of its own that comes with npm

for themes copy images and fonts to public folder and import themes like so

import 'jstree/dist/themes/proton/style.min.css';