Import TSX issues - cannot fine module from JS file

I have to missing something here -

my last import statement fails -

import defaultTheme from '../../ui/stylesheets/defaultTheme';

import { AppTextContext } from ‘/imports/startup/client/routes’; <–fails

the path tokenizes correctly in the IDE and /ui is a peer directory to /startup

the error I see is -

W20220810-13:40:33.872(-3)? (STDERR) Error: Cannot find module ‘/imports/startup/client/routes’
W20220810-13:40:33.872(-3)? (STDERR) at makeMissingError (packages/modules-runtime.js:222:12)
W20220810-13:40:33.872(-3)? (STDERR) at Module.resolve (packages/modules-runtime.js:228:17)

Hmmm, digging a bit deeper into this issue, routes is a TSX file and the file I am trying to import it to is a JS file.

Do I need to make a config change to allow a TSX file to import into JS?

Try this?