Important libs abandoned

Hi guys,

I think that good things to one framework are documentations, continued by your devs and good libraries continued.

But I had seen the many libraries that are used by many people is a little abandoned. For exemplo: Accounts-Template , Tabular, etc.

What you are using now?

While most aldeed:<...> frontend packages are amazing additions to Meteor, even so long after Blaze has been pulled out of the core, I wouldn’t put so much importance on meteor-tabular. For something like that I’d pick any from this list that fits the purpose, and using either Meteor methods or pub/sub, make it update. WIth minor modifications one can implement skip and limit also. And you’re good to go.

I don’t understand what you mean by Accounts-Template. There’s no such library / package for Meteor. If you mean AccountsTemplates from meteor/useraccounts:core, not sure where you heard of it being abandoned. I’m pretty certain it isn’t.

For some good examples of Meteor success stories, have a look at this thread: State of Meteor?

Hi @illustreets, yes, I’m talk about meteor/useraccounts:core . I thought this because this package was updated last time 3 years ago. You can see in

I see. It works absolutely fine at present. Personally, I never saw any need for an update to it. Do you think it needs any? Though I would understand why you think it’s abandoned. Meteor has taken a step back from the frontend

I don’t need update now, but I always verify how long was last update. I saw that they dont response any issues more. I think this is bad.

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If people are interested in picking up and maintaining their favorite packages, we can move them here:

I think if have them under one such group we could easily switch maintainers and so on to keep them going as long as there is an interest. What do you guys think?


Well, why not see it as a great opportunity to contribute? Not like there are alternatives to Meteor out there

Okay, but is complicated contributed to a lib that you is using and anybody response the questions. These not are simple libs, need many time to understand them without help of theirs creators.

I maintain one old Blaze based Meteor app (all the others I maintain are on React) and I agree that the ecosystem feels abandoned in that space. You can find maintained package, but it’s much harder than it is in the React space. I’d say Blaze feels abandoned, not so much Meteor. I actually had to fork and update a number of packages locally to get that one app to continue to function.


Personally I have not felt this much, as we switched to React a while ago. I use relatively few Meteor-specific packages, pretty much none that are client-oriented, but a lot npm packages that are well supported.

The core of meteor is still fantastic and well maintained, and I haven’t really missed much as old atmosphere packages have turned inactive. Most of the server-oriented ones still work even if they haven’t had an update in a while, due to Meteor’s stable nature.


Totally agree. I switched to react and everything is awesome.


Thank you guys for your opinions. In short, I understand that the best thing is start new projects with React.

Let’s go ahead.

Or Vue! Lot’s of people swearing by it as well these days

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Great idea. I saw a little of React and Vue. I prefer Vue structure, but I understand that React is most used in the companies of world.

I started a project with React a year and a half ago but still have the impression that the ecosystem is abandoning Meteor. On one hand it’s great that you can build such apps that quickly with Meteor, on the other hand, now that the project has become a business with customers relying on it, there isn’t a day where I am not wondering if or when we should start migrate to a more adopted stack (which is probably an ephemeral concept in the js world), in an anticipation of Meteor itself being deprecated by its maintainers. The official roadmap hasn’t changed since October 18, what active product doesn’t get a roadmap refreshed in 6 months? And the MDG itself seems now more dedicated to the Apollo project. It would be very helpful to have an honest official statement from the MDG about the future they see for Meteor. Anyone?