Imported helper isn't in scope of Method

I run async function with meteor bindEnvironment within Method, where I’d like to use imported function that works everywhere else. The imported helper is in libs folder.
Server logs error:
Exception in callback of async function: TypeError: encode is not a function
I20170531-19:47:56.330(6)? at lib/methods.js:81:27
I20170531-19:47:56.331(6)? at runWithEnvironment (packages/meteor.js:1176:24)

		if (this.isSimulation) return;
		for (var i in user.chars) {
			if (user.chars[i].characterID == charId) {
				var key = user.apiKeys[user.chars[i].apiKeyIndex];
				var result = EveOnline.fetch('char:CharacterSheet', { keyID: key.key1, vCode: key.key2, characterID: charId },
				Meteor.bindEnvironment(function(err, result) {
					if (err) {
						throw err;
					} else {
						var skillList = {};

						for (let id in result.skills) {
							//unideal async from meteorhacks
							let getSync = Async.wrap(EveDatabase, 'get');
							let row = getSync("SELECT typeName FROM invTypes WHERE typeID = '" + id + "';");
							result.skills[id].typeName = (row != undefined) ? row.typeName : 'Unknown';

						for (let item in result.skills) {
						skillList[result.skills[item].typeName]= Number(result.skills[item].level);
						var encodedSkills = encode(skillList);
						var nencode= encode
						console.log("econde",encodedSkills, typeof encode, nencode )
						CharsInfo.upsert({characterID: charId}, {
							skills: encodedSkills,
							lastUpdate: new Date()
						return result

never mind, used different and wrong import syntax.