Importing fontawesome (npm) into meteor package

FontAwesome NPM package (fontawesome) does not work when I import into a Meteor Package.


    "fontawesome": '4.7.0'

import {fontawesome} from 'fontawesome';

<i class='fa fa-bold'>text</i>

Thank you for your help.

I’ve got the same problem. :frowning:

There may be a better solutions to this, but a quick work around is to use the atmosphere package.

If I can’t find the solution it’s what I’ll eventually do. But I’d like to follow the recommendation of the package creator below. :slight_smile:

Please note that starting with Meteor 1.3, you should be using npm packages directly.

you could just add fontawesome css and place fonts in public directory, works for me

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oh ok, as simple as that :slight_smile:

Thought about this topic and wanted to share this because I found this to be an awesome repo.

…they have converted all font awesome icons to black/white png/svg. Also might help with app sizing!