Importing SVGs issue

Hi. I’m back to using Meteor after a long while and I’m excited about it. I’m currently porting my react app to Meteor to make use of Meteor’s reactivity. I’m cannot find any info though about importing SVGs that’s still relevant. I would normally just import svg from './svg.svg' but this doesn’t work. What’s the preferred way of importing SVGs in Meteor at the moment?

What is your exact case, do you use SVG icons? Do you use React? In general SVG is something that you reference as a source or URL. Not sure what would be the case for an import. For instance, have your SVG in the public folder or a CDN and add it as a src into an image tag. If you use React, things are bit more complicated cause you need to use/create a context. React-icons repo would give you a pretty good idea of how they did that huge library of icons. If that is what you are looking for, I can provide you with the relevant code.

I’m using SVG illustrations with React. Thanks for the advice, paths all work after I put the assets into public. Cheers.