Importing user documents into a production db


I was tasked with importing a set of users into a live Meteor app hosted on Digital Ocean. The user data is stored in a JSON file. Due to the constraints of sshing into the Digital Ocean console, my approach is to run a JS script on the server from the mongo console.

Each user JSON object contains a BCRYPT password hash. Since we would like to keep the same password for each user during the import, I am using my local environment to create a user from the mongo console using the following script:

var user =  {
    "id": 773,
    "joinDate":"2015-05-05 21:11:48",
    "services": { "bcrypt": {"password":"hashGoesHere"} }

function createUser(data) {


The problem I am encountering is with regards to passwords. When I retrieve the record from the mongo console, I see the hash. However, when attempting to run:


I keep getting a 403 incorrect password error. Does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps another method to do this import?