Imports syntax only for one part of the project

Hey there,

I’m refactoring my app to 1.3 module syntax.
I’m done with the server part, but the client side is more tricky.

I would be able to place the server code into the imports folder to be interpreted with the import syntax and not any pseudo global.

But I want my client code to still use meteor pseudo global until i’m done with the refactoring.

Anyway, placing server into imports and client/lib outside of it does not work.

Do you know any way to achieve this?

Can you be more specific about what isn’t working? Code samples and error messages always help. Mixing imports/exports and globals should definitely work.

I think it come from the imports folder. As soon as their is one folder named imports, the app looks into it as it’s a complete project; which is not.

Only the server is on imports folder.

So my server looks okay, but the app cannot find the front (client) code.

Is this possible?

Can you show us code with your specific problem/error, or better yet link to a reproduction of the issue (via GitHub, or something similar)? Having an /imports folder doesn’t prevent you from also using Meteor’s eagerly loaded directory/file support.