Improve rebuild time on windows environment

Hello, Im lurking into meteor for some time, and its all awesome, until project gets big, and rebuild often takes around 1 minute to refresh browser.
I finally got rid of this issue!

There is how i did it:
1.Installed virtualbox
2.installed debian (my fav) without desktop environment - its not needed, hence why should it use our resources?
3. installed ssh and ftp server
4. installed meteor 1.2.2(faster rebuilds)
5. in virtualbox get into machine configuration and select bridge adapter mode in network tab. this way we can access our virtual server by local ip
6. exported project via FTP, then log in via ssh and run meteor --port 80 inside project directory
7. this is important - I had to find a way to keep my files synchronized with local - there are few ways i can think of, winscp, there is also a way to mount ftp as network drive.
The best way i found just inside my IDE - im using webstorm, and there is deployment section inside settings - it is possible to configure ftp connection - if done right, it will send every changed file to server on ctrl+s.

After this operation, my browser refresh time dropped to 2-4 seconds after ctrl+s, so it is not frustrating anymore :slight_smile: