Improvements to Accounts Packages, First pull request, Monkey patching for passing custom data to social providers

I just made my first Meteor pull request! I was experiencing a lot of frustration from hacky methods for merging social accounts when users authenticate with social providers, so I added a hook to the core. There are several packages with hundreds of stars that attempt solve this issue that I feel I have created a very easy resolution for, without buggy hacks.

Waiting for CircleCI to complete checks, but my tests succeeded locally. I’d really appreciate your feedback on the PR…maybe a +1 to get it merged?

(Issue #5465) - I WOULD POST THE LINK - BUT THIS FORUM IS BUGGY: “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

I also created an Issue for passing custom info to profiles (such as data from a form) when social accounts are created and wrote a monkey-patched solution. I think this could easily become a separate PR and I am happy to submit one for that as well if anyone else would find that functionality useful. There are many issues across both meteor and other packages with no resolution. (Issue #5456)

Hey, we look at every single pull request and github issue, usually within a week. No need to post on the forums about that, unless you are looking for discussion from the forum community!

Well, feedback from the forum community would be nice, too. I think the authentication system could definitely use some more love. Also, it says in the Meteor contributor guidelines that issues without +1s and community backing are unlikely to be accepted, so I thought I should try to find some of that = )

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