Improving slow build/rebuild times

Hi everyone,

I’m back from paternity leave (with a healthy baby boy), and my new project is improving slow build and rebuild times. I’ll be using the 1.3 betas (branch release-1.3 or release 1.3-modules-beta.4 and counting), and I’ll start by getting an overview of where the time is going.

I’ve read the recent threads on this issue, and I don’t need more data or examples at this particular moment, but I wanted to start a conversation. Please do comment if I say something that differs vastly from your own experience running your app or you think I’m missing something.

To get orders of magnitude, I ran meteor a few times on a fresh new app (i.e. the skeleton) and on Wekan, and I found these rough timings:

  • Rebuild due to changing a file: 5-12 seconds
  • App startup: 25-45 seconds
  • meteor build: 1-2 minutes

That sure seems high! Does anyone see very different numbers, such as rebuild times that are much greater than 12 seconds?



Congratulations, it’s good to have you back.

I get those times on my laptop with an SSD (~5s on a hello world app, ~12s on anything non trivial). On a non SSD laptop it’s 18+ secs to rebuild due to changing a file.

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I’m getting around these times too.
Very glad you took this challenge :smile: it is my main unpleasure in Meteor.

Hope this progresses soon, good luck.

Similar times here. However, after I’ve been working for a bit (> 30 minutes), without a server restart, I see the rebuild time creep up into the 20-30 second range. I’m not sure what causes it, so I’m not sure how helpful this is, sorry! I’m using a mixture of meteor packages, npm packages, and browserified (cosmos-browserify). After restarting the server I get back to the ranges described in the original post.

Same here. I’ll start to see times of 30 seconds or more after a while and only a hard restart brings things back down to the 12 second mark.

Thanks everyone.

I’m tracking this project here: