In-App 2-Way Video Calls on Mobile?

@ramez, in a post on another thread you noted:

We are implementing a video / audio chatting tool in our Meteor app with Cordova and one of the WebRTC native plugins (they expose the same API as the standard one from Google), so your code would be portable.

Is there a way to get in-app support for WebRTC, or other video calling technology, on mobile Safari and/or mobile Chrome at this time?

Hi @vikr00001, here are the plugins I was referring to, we haven’t yet decided which to use:

on Android, the crosswalk plugin already includes webrtc, so use the above plugins just for iOS.

Thanks @ramez. I see these reference Cordova. To confirm, do either of these work in a web application running in mobile Safari and/or mobile Chrome at this time?

Unfortunately only an app on iOS can provide webrtc (last I checked). On Android you need the Chrome browser as some stock browsers are incomplete.

Thanks very much for the info.