In-app messaging via a tool like MixPanel or Localytics?

Hi all-

We are currently using Localytics but in-app messaging for marketing and engagement via Cordova/PhoneGap doesn’t work. I emailed MixPanel and they said we’d have the same issue with their software. Is there an alternative method for pushing in-app messages using Meteor that someone could point me towards? Thanks for the help.


For reference, here’s the reply from MixPanel:

Thanks for reaching out. Jared from Mixpanel support here, happy to help…

If your app includes our JavaScript library then you will get the web In-app functionality, with one big limitation though, the In-apps can only be displayed when the device is in landscape orientation.

The iOS and Android In-app functionality depends on our native SDK’s, so unless you’re working those into your Meteor app somehow, you’ll only get the web In-apps which are designed for desktop and can’t be rendered on narrow viewports.