In chat client to client file transfer


I would like to transfer files, from a client to another client while in a chat.

Any suggestions is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The answer differs hugely whether you use web only or a mobile app.

Web only, you would need to use a secured CDN and Meteor-Files of Ostrio would be your best chance.
Mobile, would you want to save those files to local storage on device?
Example: file in my storage -> file in transit -> file on your storage. The message in chat references a link to mobile local storage. - no CDN in between. Or like in Web, use a CDN and the message in chat references a link to the CDN with the possibility to download the file to local storage.

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We use aws as storage and use evaporate to slingshot the file to aws. A content of type file with the url will be saved in the collection that will appear in the chat window

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