Inappbrowser doesn't work with latest version of Meteor


This package throws an error while I try to build for mobile. It seems that it isn’t working with the latest Meteor release.

It is the only way that I am find to open links outside the app, in safari (for iOS).

Right now the link opens, but in order to get back to the app, you have to force close and reopen app.

Is there another solution for opening pages in safari on the app, in a way which allows for the user to return to the app?

cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@1.1.0 works on iOS. I am on Meteor 1.2.1. I am not sure if it helps.

0.5.4 is indeed a rather old version of the inappbrowser plugin, could you try again with a more recent one? With Meteor 1.3 we’ve pinned the plugin version to 1.3.0.