Including a folder of UI code in multiple meteor projects

I’d imagine this is a common thing that’s been done a million times over. I’m still struggling though.

Let’s just say I made a bootstrap clone, I’ll call it jamesstrap and let’s say I put it in ~/jamesstrap

I’ve also symlinked it with ~/meteor-project-A/packages/jamesstrap and ~/meteor-project-B/packages/jamesstrap

Also working is using the PACKAGE_DIRS global in my bash profile to the exact same effect.

Also let’s just say jamesstrap is both used in production and actively developed.

However the jamesstrap folder is not tracked via git because it’s outside the git repository. This causes a huge problem when having other team members work on either project. They have to get jamesstrap, make a symlink, and then and only then can they run the project locally. And there’s no way to ensure that the copy of jamesstrap that they have is the one that was present on my computer when I pushed to git.

What I really need is for the original jamesstrap to be present inside BOTH projects.

How can I make it so that when I push from project A or B a copy of jamesstrap is included? ?