Infinite scrolling with low level subs API

Hello every one, I’m writing a picture heavy app, where I’m utilising progressive image loading. Where I send a blurred small image (base64) first then a S3 signed link. I’m trying to do infinite scrolling by simply increasing the limit but without any luck… It works flawlessly with regular publications…

The problem is I can’t figure out how to do infinite scrolling with the low level technique…


const limit = 20;
const cll = Cll.find({}, {limit, sort});

const handle = cll.observeChanges({
     added(id, fields){
          // remove some stuff from fields
          pub.added('cllName', id, fields);



     cll.forEach(item =>{
          s3.getSignedUrl('getObject', {params}, (err, url) => pub.changed('cllName', id, {url}));


//stop the observer on stop

I simply change the limit, it completely resets the publication, is there a way I could mitigate this? Without using pesky workarounds? Thanks