Inheritance woes with ecmascript

Full disclosure: I have posted this in an issue here.

I am working on a bit of code that I want to use the inheritance of ECMAScript 2015, but I am struggling with some inheritance issues.

Say I have the following classes defined:

A = class A {
    constructor(value, options) {
        this.value = value;
        this.options = options;
        console.log('constructor this: ', this);

    get value() {
        return this._value;

    set value(value) {
        this._value = value;

    get options() {
        return this._options;

    set options(options) {
        this._options = options;

    get validationErrors() {
        // Do standard validations for all classes of type A here
        console.log('A.validationErrors this: ', this);
        var validationErrs = [];
        if (options && options.required && !value) {
            validationErrs.push('Value is required');

        return validationErrs;

B = class B extends A {
    get validationErrors() {
        console.log('B.validationErrors this: ', this);
        var valErrs = super.validationErrors;
        // Do custom validations for class B here
        return valErrs;

var b = new B('val', {required: true});
var valErrs = b.validationErrors;

Strangely, what I see in the logs is:

constructor this: B{_value: "val", _options: {required: true}}
B.validationErrors this: B{_value: "val", _options: {required: true}}
A.validationErrors this: A{}

Where this confuses me is that I would think the value and options would be stored in the parent, since the call is in the parent class A, but when the code runs it looks like the setters are run in the context of B instead. I have tried writing an overriding constructor in B that calls the constructor for A, but that didn’t work either. I simply can’t get my head wrapped around why this doesn’t work.