Initial Impressions on GraphQL & Relay


Facebook recently launched two projects called GraphQL and Relay. I felt they tend to provide some of the Meteor’s functionalities. So, we started to digging and here’s how we think about these projects.

They provide some of the functionalities of Meteor, but it’s not build for realtime apps and have some issues. Also, it’s not easy as Meteor.

That being said, they have some good stuff. Specially GraphQL is getting some good traction. As far as I know, Stripe(or someone in the community) is working on GraphQL version of their API. This is something we expected with DDP.

If you like to know about GraphQL and Relay read our analysis:

Initial Impressions on GraphQL & Relay

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Is it possible that these tech overrun meteor?

That’s never gonna happen.
But that tech will also be popular.