Initialization Data for clean installation


What methods are people using to seed clean installations of their apps with initialization data?

I’ve seen a few suggestions such as having a set of JSON scripts to run into the db or adding a custom package that generates the data.

I’d like to hear about the techniques that other teams are using.


I think that about covers it - what other approaches were you thinking about?

What would be the recommended method of keeping development environments in sync in an idempotent manner.

Also which approach is recommended for pushing updates to production environments?

Keep your initialization data set under revision control (ie. in git). Register a startup function using Meteor.startup that wipes your DB and adds back in the initialization data. Whenever developers synch with the latest changes and restart their app, they’ll be up and running with the most recent version of initialization data.

Do you mean pushing DB/data updates into prod? If so you might want to take a look at the percolate:migrations package.

@hwillson many thanks