Inline SVG with SpaceBars raw svg elements don't render

Hi guys,

Just trying to build a component for an app where I add raw SVG elements(encoded) from the Mongo collection that decoded before rendering and rendered with the {{{ svgItem }}}.

The problem I am facing is that I can see the svg elements in the dom via inspect element in the browser but the browser is not rendering the raw svg elements only. However, other elements like (not using {{{ … }}}) works perfectly on the fly.

here is an example at MeterPad:

and here is the source (if MeteorPad doesn’t work which is often):

Also here is a screen recording I did to make my point:

I hope I’am doing something wrong because theoretically it should work.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


I know Blaze is in talks of being deprecated, but REALLY! no help?