Insane Build times with adornis:typescript after adding Blueprint JS to project

Hey Meteor folk,

So I’m currently a bit frustrated, My team spent a lot of time auditing UI frameworks to use and finally decided on one, BlueprintJS. However just recently when we tried to begin implementing it in the app, it caused the transpile times of Adornis:typescript to skyrocket… in fact depending on the file changed, it may never even finish building at all.

I would love to try out the regular typescript package, however we rely on path mappings in tsconfig which would be a massive project to change around to accommodate the lack of config.

Has anybody ever run into this type of issue and have any sort of work around? If not, would there be any way for one to say… fork the meteor typescript package and have it read tsconfig? Im open to any ideas because so far we’ve gotten nowhere trying to fix this.

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Adornis TS analyze files and deps while official ts just transpile files. We had exactly issue with build time. You can read about it in readme of typescript package in meteor.

We replaced it to official ts.

Nice to know there’s promise to moving to Meteor’s TS implimentation… just have to solve that tsconfig issue…

Would babel-plugin-module-resolver work for you?

furthermore, you can use @babel/plugin-proposal-decorators to enable decorators

Thanks for the recommendations guys, Currently trying out the babel module resolver, but im running into the issue i was afraid of, I keep needing to go back to a bunch of files in my project and refactor imports, now my app builds but fails to load without any errors. (launches on port 3000, no content on page)

Edit: Just wanted to reiterate if there’s any possibility to somehow get the meteor TS transpiler to recognize the config, by forking the project, anything. that really would be the best possible solution rather than making technical debt for myself by moving config to babel.

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