Inspiration: Booking platform


I really need some inspiration for how I can create a booking platform. I want users to be able to request a booking with other users. So I need to ask the database if they are already booked in that time-period. The minimum time-period will be 1 hour.

If you got or know of any projects that have solved this in a nice and elegant way, I would be very happy to check it out.

I was thinking of using momentjs, but I don’t know how to structure and proceed with it.

Best regards,
Rasmus :slight_smile:

If you need to check if they’re available you can simply check for the time of previous booking and compare that with your new booking time. Momentjs has methods to compare/compute time differences. So get the booking from your database, run it against the time your user is on the site and if the time is high enough it’s bookable.