Instagram Oauth

Hello All,

I am trying to allow users to login with Instagram on an app I am building.

I am able to get the access token and request info manually, but since there i no password field returned im not sure how to handle the oauth so tried using the accounts-instagram package

but when I use the
package I keep getting an error pertaining to the redirect URI

{"line":"392","file":"oauth_server.js","message":"Error in OAuth Server: Failed to complete OAuth handshake with Instagram. failed [400] {\"error_type\": \"OAuthException\", \"code\": 400, \"error_message\": \"Error validating verification code. Please make sure your redirect_uri is identical to the one you used in the OAuth dialog request\"}","time":{"$date":1580999137136},"level":"warn"}

I’m not sure if this has something to do with the recent changes to the Instagram API or not.

I have ensured my Root Url is corret, I have tried feeding the redirect_uri variable into the service configuration, and I have ensured the redirect url is loaded into facebook correctly.

Has anyone had success recently using the accounts-Instagram package ?

Is there no way I can just manually log in a user based on the returned username without a password?

So it seems Instagram Doesn’t allow oAuth in its newest version… and they are instead moving back to Facebook login.

Is anyone aware of a way to find a connected IG account with facebook login?

Follow these instruction for connecting instagram business account through facebook oauth