Install and use Mysql with Meteor js


I need to install and use Mysql on Meteor js for a web project.

However, I don’t know how install and use Mysql with Meteor js. Can you help me ?

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Meteor currently only officially supports MongoDB (and Redis partially). MySQL will be supported (in theory - along with any data store) in the future via the Apollo project, but we’re not there yet. In the meantime you can try using one of the community provided MySQL packages, like numtel:mysql-server. Be forewarned though, you’ll be limiting the capabilities/features of Meteor by using an unsupported database.

Ok thank you for your answer.

So, if I understand I can’t use Meteor js for a web project ( Hotel management ) because of the integrity constraints and the transactions ?

MongoDB is NOSQL so, the integrity constraints and transactions are unmanaged ?

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I can’t say if Meteor is a good choice for your project specifically without knowing more about the requirements, but I can say that it’s being used quite successfully for a tonne of projects that have high data integrity constraints and transactional requirements.

It is possible to manage transactions and constraints referential integrities with MongoDB ?

The easy answer is - yes/no/maybe/it depends :slight_smile: I suggest reading up on Mongo DB specifically to understand how it differs from a traditional RDMS. The RDMS model of transactions / referential integrity don’t quite apply in the same manner with document based databases like Mongo. If you’re new to Mongo I suggest checking out the following for a quick breakdown of how Mongo differs from a traditional RDMS: Transitioning from Relational Databases to MongoDB - Data Models

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