Install instructions are hard to find

The previous meteor home page had a big ol’ button on it that brought you to the install instructions.

Currently, that’s been replaced by a “Quick Start” button, which brings you to a list of tutorials/guides. None of which tell you how to install the software.

I encourage you to go to the home page, and attempt to find out how to install the software by clicking around.

For reference, it’s currently:

  1. Home page
  2. Quick Start
  3. Read Guide (third option)
  4. Click the link under the second header

This is not intuitive in the slighest


I will just leave this here for us to understand how a tech website should look and feel like:

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Thanks for pointing this out @cereal. We added “Install Meteor” as the first option on the page people land on when they click “Get Started” on the home page.


It’s great to see your engagement and openness to community :+1: