Install Meteror without curl


Sorry for this basic question:
Is it possible to get a working version of meteor without installing it using curl or any build process.
I would like to try it at work but without installing permission and restricted internet access I wonder if there is any way to get a sort of pre-installed folder and run it from there.


I’d be really interested in that too. Some companies security teams are (understandably) not super fond of having curl in their provisioning setups.


You can checkout Meteor directly from github, related readme


Question is: what do you mean by “restricted internet access?”

Whatever you choose – curl, wget, github … – all is based on loading data from internet.

On what environment do you work? Linux, OSX, ??? is it firewall based ??? may you ping outside ???

If you are in a heavily restricted environment but allowed to use internet browser, you “normally” have a proxy in such situations. You can take the proxy settings from browser and use them for an ENV var on Linux like

export http_proxy="http://myproxy:8080"

if so, then you can follow up with standard curl installation.

If nothing will fit but an USB stick, you can download and install meteor on your home / free computer and just make and transfer a backup of the folder ~/.meteor to your working machine. This should work too if the OS are comparable.

Good luck.


What I did so far is coping the entire .meteor I installed in a virtual machine and I copied in a different machine(still virtual)
I’m struggling a bit with the symlink but maybe tonight I will get something.
By restricted internet access I mean I got certain services locked and everything is going trough proxy.
My concern is more about get an installation that do not interfere with the actual workstation setup.
Something self contained in a folder would be ideal.
Thanks all for your replies


Struggling with symlink? All symlinks inside .meteor should be relative.

You should also copy /usr/local/bin/meteor to have a global starter for meteor.

Make sure that your OSs have same distro / kernel / libc etc.


Hi Tom
Thanks again for all your input
I will do as you said.
I will let you know if I succeed.


Hi All
In the end I checkout Meteor directly from github, on a virtual machine at home and than I copied everything in my workstation at work and everything works!

Just a tip:
to copy paste the folder I used tar with these options:
tar -czvf meteor.tar.gz meteor/
tar -xhzvf meteor.tar.gz

Thanks everyone for the help!