Install MySQL or PostgreSQL server directly from a Meteor package


I have just released the numtel:mysql-server package which provides the latest stable version of MySQL (5.6.24) for your application. When you start your Meteor app, MySQL starts, when you close it, MySQL exits.

By default, it will be configured to output the binary log making it very simple to get started using numtel:mysql.

Linux and OSX are currently supported and expect Windows support soon. Also, expect a similar Postgres package soon… :wink:


That’s pretty interesting. Keep it up.
So, how about the data? will they be persisted across restarts?


Thank you. It does persist data across restarts. I had an issue with the directory structure in the earlier version but as of this post it is fixed.

With version 0.0.9, the database files are stored by default in the applications .meteor/mysqldb directory (can be specified with the datadir setting). The binary log directly is automatically placed inside of this directory. This enables each application to have its own persistent storage just as Mongo works with Meteor.


Just released numtel:pg-server for PostgreSQL server embedded into Meteor apps.