Install v1.2 and v1.3beta side-by-side?

I am using version 1.2 for the app I’m building. I plan to purchase today the new Meteor + React eBook. The eBook uses v1.3beta, so my question is whether I can install the v1.3beta at the same time as v1.2 which I am using for production? If so, how do I go about that? Is there a guide someplace?


 meteor create --release 1.3-beta.11 your_app

Great! But don’t I have to install the beta first? Does doing so overwrite anything with the 1.2 install?

I don’t think so. Only app inside ‘your_app’ will be 1.3 version of Meteor.
I’m learning Meteor+React in this way (-:

Yeah none is correct. You can use any version of meteor, all off the same install. The version is controlled on a per project basis. When you first run the meteor command it’ll download the necessary tools and files.

Thanks. That’s very helpful to know and I didn’t realize it was installing the Meteor version on a per project basis. If I knew that I’d have toyed with 1.3 before now! :wink: